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The HEX of WebSafe Colors Explained...
...with a few words on the Names...

Two points of "webSafe Colors & the Names...?"
1. Colors on your web pages may be referred to by their "name" or "RGB value, entered in the form of a hexadecimal triplet specifying the amount of red, green, and blue light."

2. Microsoft has named 16 standard colors, and Netscape a whooping 140 colors!
(all 140 names work in I.E. 4.01 and above.)

- For a complete list of the "Named Colors," click here.
- For a chart with the "webSafe Colors," click here.

HEX Explained...
As for the Hex values, the format for their use is #rrggbb. The number sign is required as the first character inorder to let the browser know that the color are being defined with the RGB color values. The rr, gg, and bb are two digit hexadecimal numbers representing the amount of red, green, and blue light. The possible values specifying the amount of light ranges from 0 for none to 255 for 100% light. However, the values must be entered in hexadecimal form, but don't sweat... it's really not that hard.

Let's jump right in with an example, by replacing the rr with the hex value FF (that's equal to 255), and using 00 (double-zero for place holders) for both gg and bb would yield a color with 100% of the possible red light, 0% green, and 0% blue... Simply, bright red! So, #00FF00 is bright green, and #0000FF is blue...

And now, by specifying less of a color (less light), the color's brightness diminishes. So, a color that's only 60% red has a value of #990000 - and the color is dark red.

But, the whole point in using these hex values to define your colors, is to get more colors beyond the standard 16 named colors. And, given that their are millions of colors, and that you could specify them all with this format, let's keep in mind that some computers Internet devices have limited displays.

To be sure that your colors display as expected (without dithering), stick to using browser-safe colors, a standard palette of 216 colors which we refer to as the "WebSafe" colors.

 0% - 00 -  00
20% - 33 -  51
40% - 66 - 102
60% - 99 - 153
80% - CC - 204
100% - FF - 255
With the WebSafe colors, each component has been divided up into 20% increments. This helps make things a lot easier when typing the hex codes, since this makes only six possible values available for each of the red, green, and blue values. See the table to the left.

webSafe ColorsFurthermore, all the WebSafe hex values are doubled with the same number/character. Our personal thoughts on using color is to think in terms of percentages when mixing colors or just use our "webSafe Color" chart shown here to the right.
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...and a little about the "Names"
Naming colors sounds like a great idea, but only in terms for us humans. After looking though the list, I realize why I don't use them... well, most of them anyways.

Sometimes you can gain bits-n-bytes...
as with "red" vs. "#FF0000"
...or "blue" vs. "#0000FF"
But it seems like most of the time you need/want colors like: "mediumaquamarine" or "lightgoldenrodyellow"

Come on! Who named these colors?

We do use a few of the short & simple ones like:
red, green, blue, black, and white
...but that's it. We just use our "webSafe Color Chart"

Well, here the list if you're still interested...
- A complete list of the available colors "Names?"

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