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Steps for Building a Successful WebSite.

Step 2 - Research the Possibilities...
Once you've made your plan and you think you know what you want from your website, you must determine whether or not your goals are practical. Perhaps the easiest way is to just surf the Internet and observe what other websites have already done.

First, go to sites you know that have features you'd like to have on your website. Note the address, features you like, and why you like them.

What about their site's design?

...Or how about the way it's laid out?

You can just print the page and make your notes on them if you'd like.

Perhaps there's a website you like the design of...
Or one that's just perfectly
laid out...
And be sure to include your personal favorite sites too.

Then it's time to hit the search engines and link directories. Search for businesses similar to your own and make notes on the features, design, layout, and other things you like, but this time include what you don't like as well.

Search for the individual products and services you plan to offer as well. In doing so, you may even discover aspects or relationships about your products or services that you had not ever considered. Make the same notes on likes and dislikes to share with your designer.

Try to find at least 4 to 8 good sites.
sites we've done...
Explore Some of
the WebSites
Perky Penguins'
has Designed...

Free Resources
Our Guide to a Successful WebSite
What is Affiliate Marketing?
Colors for Your WebSite...

Make Lots
of Notes...
We'll be able to utilize what you like AND what you don't like about other websites to make your website that much better!

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