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Steps for Building a Successful WebSite.

Step 3 - The Content of your Website
One of the primary goals of practically every website is to share information. The information you choose to share as the content of your website is vital to its success.

You must provide the information, products and/or services that your visitors expect to find and it must be straight-forward, clear, and easy to understand.

Use heading and subheadings to help guide your visitors to information they are seeking quickly and easily. Consider using different fonts and colors to:
  • Focus your visitor's attention on key points
  • Separate headings, thoughts or ideas
  • Emphasize outstanding features or benefits

There are bulleted lists like the one above, or you may choose to use numbered lists instead. Look back to the websites from your research. What do you like?

Also, think about how words can be used as links to other pages; this can be especially helpful if the same information pertains to several different products or services.

Just remember to use plain English and to stay focus on the topic you are writing about. Write the words as if you were speaking directly to the person. Let your visitors know that they are important and that their comments or suggestions are always welcome.
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