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Steps for Building a Successful WebSite.

Step 4 - Think about Design
With all the different sites on the web just a mouse click or two away, you can't afford to overlook the appearance of your website. Your website's design is the first thing that visitors will notice and many will even judge your business by the design before the page even has a chance to load completely.

Your website needs to be designed with an easy-to-follow layout, one that makes steps through your website obvious and clear. The graphics need to be crisp, meaningful, and they must also load quickly. Viewing large images should only be an option decided by your visitors by clicking on a smaller thumbnail image or text link.

So what about the design of your website... Start by thinking about what you already have:
  • Your Company Logo
  • A Company Slogan
  • Any Brochures or Previously Run Ads
Then think about the layout and navigation of sites that you liked from your research. Consider what information you have to present (from your plan) and how that information can be laid out.

Now, using aspects from the sites you liked, try to layout your design on paper. Imagine your design with different shades and colors; using crisp line graphics with sharp corners or perhaps you'd prefer curves and rounded corners.

Do you like those beveled buttons? or

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