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Using the CGI-BIN
CGI stands for "Common Gateway Interface," a fancy name meaning computer programs running on the web server that can be invoked from a web page by the browser. The "bin" part alludes to the binary executables that result from compiled or assembled programs. It is a bit misleading because cgi's can also be Unix shell scripts or interpreted languages like Perl. CGI scripts need to be saved in ASCII format and uploaded to your server's cgi-bin in ASCII or text format. This is very important.

Your cgi-bin scripts need to be put in the subdirectory named "cgi-bin".

In order for your CGI program to run, it must be executable by the server. Therefore, you must set the permissions so the server can read and execute your files, which usually means making your CGI programs world executable.

There are three different ways to set permissions for your files and directories within your account.
1) A File Manager is available in UserMin
2) Most FTP programs allow you to change "properties"
3) Or, you can always ask us to do it for you...

All that's left is to test it in your browser...

Free Scripts
Below is a list of free cgi scripts that we have used and found to be easy to use, easy to configure, and secure. Each zipped file includes a readme file with directions.

TextCounter v1.2
Display a text count of visitors to your web pages. Includes: zero padding, file locking, linking the count, displaying begin date and counting multiple pages.

Active Guestbook v10.2
Active Guestbook is a free perl guestbook and does most things that other guestbooks do and much more.

FormMail v1.92
This simple script sends the results of any HTML form via e-mail to the specified users.

Soupermail v1.0.8
A powerful, highly configurable form to email CGI program. It has database support, built-in encryption and cookie support, limited conditional control base, and much more... But, it can be a little tricky to setup your first few forms.

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