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FTP the what?
The term FTP is short for File Transfer Protocol. It's a protocol used to upload files from a workstation (or your computer) to a FTP server or download files from a FTP server to your computer. It is the way that files get transferred from one device to another in order for the files to be available on the Internet. When ftp appears in a URL it means that the user is connecting to a file server and not a web server and that some form of file transfer is going to take place.

Most FTP servers require the user to log on to the server in order to transfer files - usually the same username and password as your email. You will also need to know the FTP server's host location - usually some form of the site's domain name. (ie.

Most FTP software packages have the same basic layout and functionality. Choosing one is simply a matter of personal preference. Some of the more popular packages available include:
...for Windows
...for Windows
BulletProof FTP
...for Windows
...for Macintosh
...for Macintosh

They all come with documentation, and shouldn't take you long to figure out. But anyways, here are a few basics:

There will be some sort of "Site Manager" feature to store FTP locations and the login information for each. Setup is a matter of you entering this info so that the program can log you in.

The program will be split into three screens/sections. One representing your local machine, one representing the remote host, and one which shows the files that are being uploaded or downloaded.

First, you will need to navigate to the correct folders on both your local computer and the FTP server. Then you highlight the files you wish to transfer, and drag them to where you want and drop them.

The upload might execute immediately, or you might have to hit a "Go" button , but that's it! Your done...
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