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perky penguins professional design servicesIf you are interested in hiring Perky Penguins for any web or graphic design work, please start by completing the following form.

If you don't have all the information readily available, don't worry about it, we can work on the details later. The important thing is to give us enough general information so that we can evaluate your immediate needs quickly.

We will contact you by e-mail or call you with a response.
First, tell us about "Yourself"

Your Name

Name of Company
Nature of Business

State / ZIP
Best time(s) to call?
How did you find us?
We can work with you on the details later...

...but, the more we know the better we can help you!
Everything below this is optional, however... More is Better!
Now, About "The Company..."
Briefly describe the products and/or services your company provides:

What are your primary products/services that you'd like to offer on your website?

Who or what is your target market?

What do you expect from your website? (check all that apply)
Develop a presence on the Internet
Generate leads for your business
Develop mailing lists for promotions or announcements
Reduce printing costs
Provide Sales Material
Provide and/or improve Customer Service
Provide Product/Service Info, features, benefits, etc.
Provide company news and/or updates
Sell your Products/Services
Encourage potential customers to make contact
Target a specific audience or market
Market Research

Do you have a business plan for your website?
Yes No Partial

Budget Planned:

Any additional comments or questions?

Tell us what you'd like your website to look like...
(combine the best of your competition & favorite designs.)
Are there any websites already on the Internet that you'd like to use as a guideline for your site?

What exactly do you like about the site(s) above?

Who's your competition on the Internet?

Do you have a website now? Yes No
If YES, what is the URL of your website?
Is your current site doing what you expected? Yes No
If NO, what is wrong with your existing website?
And Finally, About Your New WebSite...
How many pages will your website need?
1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 25+
Do you have graphics or photos for the site? Yes No
If YES, what format are they in?   Digital Format
Hard Copy (needs scanning) . Some of each (both)
Do you have content (text) ready for your website? Yes No
If YES, is the "text" in electronic format? Yes No
- WordPerfect, MS Word, Publisher, PageMaker, etc.
Do you need web hosting? Yes No
If you have hosting, please tell us where.
Address of Hosting Company:
~ We offer a variety of competitive HOSTING packages!
~ Plans starting at just $4.95/month with Free Setup!

Is there anything else that we haven't mentioned?
Questions or comments?   -   Additional features you'd like?

If you have any questions, please contact us
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sites we've done...
Explore Some of
the WebSites
Perky Penguins'
has Designed...

You've Asked!
So, Here It Is...
Thoughts & Ideas to Help You Plan Your New Website are
Provided Below...
The first part of the
form is essential.
It's About You

We will need to
work together on
the development of
your web site or
custom graphics.

Please make any
additional notes in
the "Best time(s)
to call?" box.
ie.. evenings only,
any day after 1pm,
pager number is...
If you purchased
a DWP from a
Big Planet Rep.
Please enter their
email address in
the "How did you
find us?" box.
Part 2
The Company

The Products
and Services
your company
provides are what
people "search for"
on the Internet.
Target Market?

Perky Penguins'
target market is to
entrepreneurs and
small business
owners who desire
a professional, yet
affordable website.

Yours may be to
young teenage girls,
or to men between
26 and 40 working
in construction...

This information also
helps establish the
voice of the new site.

Present and Future
goals should include almost everything listed, so please
limit your selection to what you would like your new website
to accomplish within
the next 6 months
to 18 months.

Growth takes time,
and what you expect
from your website
WILL change...
A Business Plan?

Sounds like some
complex legal form that's to difficult to
fill out, but that's not what we need here.

Your plan can be anything from a handwritten note
to a 40 page report.

You'd be surprised!

Most of You
Expect to Pay
Too Much...
Additional comments or questions about your company?

Any thoughts at all?
Part 3
The Site's Design

List Sites You Like...

Your Favorites...

Or, You may choose from pre-designed templates at:

Try to find at least Three site you like...
What do you like?

For example:

Like the Overall Layout of the 3rd Site, but want a lighter background...


The 2nd Site's Navigation Menu
is really cool...

Yes, on the Internet everyone offering similar products and/or services are your competition...

Visit them and note what you like and what you don't like.

We'll be able to use this information to make your website better than theirs...
Unhappy with your current website?

Please tell us Why?

What needs changed?
Finally, Part 4
The WebSite

The exact number of pages your website will require can be hard to estimate.

Think of the overall size you want your site to start out as...

Time will determine the actually number
Graphics & Photos

Everyone likes pictures. Right?

They just don't like to wait for them to load.

If you'd like to show many detailed photos, consider using an index page of smaller thumbnail images.

Providing the Text for your new website in electronic format will cut the cost of your website by about half!

An easy way to create the text for your site's content is by using the word processor you're most familiar with...

Just type the page
the way you want
it to look online...
Web Hosting

If you already have a web host for your site, please tell us the "Hosting Company's" web address...
Comments or Anything else...
Submit & Thanks
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