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Web & Graphic Design Services
We're dedicated to providing high quality, affordable website design services and offer a comprehensive range of web development services. For most jobs we prefer to determine your needs and give you a price for those needs. The Services we provide:
high quality professional web design service thats affordable
Web Design

Graphic Design
If you are interested in hiring us to do any Web or Graphic Design work for you, start by contacting us today.

If we haven't mentioned what you need, please feel free to contact us and ask...

Brief descriptions of our Web Design Services follow:

Web Design Services
  • Site Design (the 'look' and 'feel') - Determining the design can be a difficult task. You may already have the concept in the form of company literature or even brochures, but how will it work online. Perky Penguins can provide additional help via suggestions, limitations, opinions, whatever... We can also create example designs to post to the Internet for visual inspection and to help with decisions. back to top
  • Site Setup and Development - The most important part of your website's development is to determine what you need now, and how your site will grow in the future. Utilizing these aspects together, the site's architecture can be determined. During the site development stage, we'll layout the structure of the site. Once the structure has been laid out, a site storyboard can be developed.back to top
  • E-commerce - Start selling your products or services online with Miva Merchant. We can can design and put together a complete website ready for secure online sales...back to top
  • HTML Authoring (and content entry) - We can generate the HTML code for your site. We also can manually type in text for content, it's not all that difficult, but we'd prefer to receive text for each of your web pages in electronic format via email or on floppy disc. (Use a word processor: Word, Publisher, PageMaker, etc.)back to top
    Note: All typing of content is billed by the hour.

  • Special Programming
    • form development - Gather information from the visitors to your site, a form that contains fields for name, address, phone numbers, feedback on their thoughts of your business or the site, or just a basic questionnaire can be added to any page. The charge will be dependent on the size and complexity of the form(s).
    • cgi scripts - We can provide you with the necessary "Email script" to receive information in your email from a form. May also use cgi scripts for: browser detection, random images, random links...
    • javascripts - "Validate" that forms are filled out, or the email address is properly formatted; or jazz up your site with a flashy set of "Roll-Over" buttons; perhaps you'd like a drop down "Jump-menu."back to top
  • Site Research - Looking up related links... Finding your competition and similar sites... Spying on them to see what they've done, what you like, and don't like...
    Notice: If you do not provide web addresses (URLs) for links to other websites, "Research" fees may apply.back to top

  • Content/Image Retrieval - Gathering anything to be used on your website from other websites... Including, but not limited to: Images, Audio Files, Text, Figures, or Scriptsback to top
  • Site Management (updates/maintenance) - Occasionally, you may just need a few changes made to your site's content. If you have a lot of off-site hyper-links, consistent verification and backend monitoring may also be needed. Depending on the number of visitors that view your pages, it's also a good idea to change the "look" of your page(s) every once in a while. It can be as simple as changing the colors of the text and backgrounds, plus a few new graphics... or as complicated as a complete site overhaul, with a whole new layout.back to top

If you are interested in hiring us to do any Design work for you, start by filling out our online Work Request form today.

Graphic Design Services
  • Digital Imaging/Enhancement (Scans/Photos) - If you would like to have an image or photograph scanned and saved in digital format for placement on a web page, the processing charge will be $5 for each scanned item. (8.5" x 11" maximum size) A bulk discount can be arranged for large quantities.back to top
  • Custom Graphics - If you want a custom graphic created, the cost will depend on the complexity and time required to create the graphic. A company logo can be placed in the background of an entire page if desired. Or a custom set of buttons to go with a "roll-over" menu. We can also touchup, enhance, or modify your existing digital photos or web graphics if needed.back to top
  • Animated Clipart (animated GIFs) - Instead of a graphic that just sits there and does nothing... on the web you can insert "animated" icons and small graphics that play a short sequence of pictures to create movement. Many are readily available, and can be added to pages for no additional charge. If a customer wants to create a custom animation, the price will depend on the complexity of the graphics and the number of frames in the animation.back to top

professional web and graphic design services If you are interested in having Perky Penguins do any web or graphic design work for you, start by filling out our online Work Request form. The form has been structured to help us determine your needs. Please provide as much information as possible so we may determine your needs accurately. We will contact you with what we can do and approximately how much it will cost.let's get started today
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