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We will install all the latest released software and patches required to keep your website up, running, safe and secure.

  Features included with every Hosting Plan...
Apache web server on Linux Servers
Your Domain Name - Setup for your website's initial domain name is included Free. You,ll be able to access the domain name with or without the WWW.
For example, you could access the domain name ""
by going to "" as well as "".

*Registration fees for the "domain name(s)" are not included.
Email Addresses - Your plan's activation generates your default POP3 email address:
- You can request additional "POP3" and/or email "Aliases"
- There's no limit to the number of email addresses or aliases.
- Setup/Fees: see extra options below...
SPAM and Virus Filters - We maintain our own custom filters plus allow you to enter additional filtering...
FTP Access - All of our plans include unlimited 24/7 access to all your files and logs via FTP (Software Links)
PHP, Perl, C, C++ - Programming languages...
CGI-bin - CGI scripts can be used with your website. You can use any of many Freely available scripts or even write your own using C++/C/Perl, etc.
Server-Side Includes - SSI allows you to insert simple dynamic content like the current time, date, text from another file, script results, etc.
MS Frontpage Extensions - All the Files that allow you to utilize the power of Microsoft's Frontpage Software can be installed for you Free. You just need to ask...
MySQL Database - MySQL is a standardized database language that simplifies storing, updating and accessing information such as customer or product data. Hosting on our servers entitles you to use MySQL databases.
Site Statistics - AWStats with detailed web statistics shows you all possible information your log contains, in few graphical web pages.
more... - We will add/upgrade features and applications as you or any of our current users requests...

  24/7 Network Monitoring
Webpage Monitoring - Retrieves a "test page" from each and every server and compares it to a stored copy. If even one character is off, or the page fails to load in a set time, an error is generated and we receive a call on our pager immediately.
Mail Server Monitoring - Checks server access times and verifies that all local email addresses are working normally. If there are any problems, the errors are recorded and we get a page.
Disk Capacity Monitoring - All server system hard drives are watched for available space. If the "available space" on any of our servers falls below 15% free space, an error is generated and we are paged.
Power Outage - Reliable "diesel" backup generators power the systems in the event of any power outages. If the power goes out, and a generator fails to start, an error is generated and we get a page.
DNS Server Monitoring - are the server on the Internet that tell everyone where your website is via your "domain name." We monitor their status making sure they are working normally. If there's a problem, the server is restarted by our systems.
Weekly Tape Backups - Rest assured that your data is safe. Every night, several servers are fully backed up to tape to ensure that site and all it's data is safe.
Firewall Security - Hackers beware! Our firewalls are setup to blocks all traffic to and from any unused ports, services, and from any networks that are known to be unsafe.

  Extra Options Available
SSL Security* - Rest assured that your data is safe and secure. SSL Security is available with every plan. There is a one-time setup fee of $25 and a small $5 monthly fee added to the price of your plan.
*Requires a SSL Certificate:
Furnish your own certificate.
Or, get a self-signed certificate (our rate: $15/year)
Miva Merchant* - Full featured E-commerce application allowing you to setup your storefront on the Internet quickly. This complete e-commerce solution can be installed and setup for a one-time fee of $49.95
SSL Security enabled for the Domain
Miva Domain License:
You may furnish your own, available from Miva Corp.
Or, lease a Domain license from us for $35/year
Not available with Basic or Basic+ Hosting Plans, sorry...
OS Commerce* - Another fully featured E-commerce application allowing you to setup your online store quickly. This e-commerce solution is open-source and can be installed and setup for a one-time fee of $35.00
*SSL Security highly recommended.
Visit the OS Commerce Demonstration site.
Not available with Basic or Basic+ Hosting Plans, sorry...
Gallery - Easy to use online Photo Album. Can be installed and setup for a one-time fee of $20.00
Visit Gallery homepage or for demos.
Still need more...more FAQs

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